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Who we are

Established at the beginning of the 60’s, Falegnameria Selber (Selber joiners and carpenters) set up business with the production of wooden planks and boards.

When the father Guido passed away, his son Enzo started to focus on producing tailor-made furniture in the year 2000.

In 2003, he started to produce curved laminated beams, developing experience and knowledge of the laminated product over the years, making an impressive name for himself on the relevant market.

In 2009, in view of the increasing workloads, he decided to extend his premises and purchased new machinery to fortify and improve production. In 2010, after achieving his diploma as wood technician, his son too entered the company.

The company’s stronghold is greater flexibility in the cross sections and curving of its products, for which the industry is unable to satisfy the demand, but also special attention to finishing quality.